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You can spend, you can take money out of your wallet but you’re not going to get¬†marvel future fight hack tool no survey free crystals. If you try to believe some hack that some low life posts on the internet, so let’s all enjoy the game like normal ¬†human beings and here’s a perfect example watch me kill Proxima 5 times. So as you guys can tell by now I’m actually not going to show you how to get free crystals. I’m not going to show you how to get free gold that I’m not going to show you how to hack the game but just still watching my video so thank you for watching and I hope you keep watching all right.

So now on to what I really made this tutorial video for first and foremost being a part of the Marvel future fight YouTube community. I just wanted to say that seeing all these videos pop up whether it be in my related feed or even on my home page. I find it absolutely disgusting that people actually make these kinds of videos now let’s be real a lot of kids play this game. I mean why wouldn’t they kids love Marvel and that was absolutely awesome to see it is you know something that’s carried out for generations now.

However with that being said kids are also the easiest to get fooled I don’t expect a grown-ass man with some sort of a brain to actually believe any of that not so true thing. I’m sure some do but I mean you know autism is a real thing right so the next thing that I get a lot of is comments on my videos whether it be on a video from six months ago or a video even from yesterday.

It’s all these dumbass comments about following a link to get free marvel future fight, of course you know I try to delete them as soon as I can and as soon as I notice them when it starts to be 20 or more a day. You know sometimes I get even 3040 a day on old